Avarca, the sandal from Menorca

The traditional sandal with memories from Menorca is called avarca. Coutchouc sole and a leather instep – formerly they were used to work on the field, nowadays because they are in.

Formerly avarcas were very rustic and only came in the original colour of the skin. Today they are made in all colours and in different designs and, although they are usually made of hide, they can also be found in fabric, woven esparto grass or plaited raffia.

They are made from size 18 and the smaller sizes have a microporous sole (rubber air-cushioned) to make them lighter. There is also a hand-made eco-friendly line, using recycled tyre soles.

If you could be interested in seeing the production of Menorcan avarques, visit one the factories in Es Mercadal, Alaior, Ciutadella and Ferreries.

Among the loyal followers of this fashion you will find the Spanish Queen Sofia, who usually wears avarques during her holidays on the island of Mallorca.