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“Caldereta”: Lobster Stew

The lobsters which come to the Balearic coasts are famous for being the tastiest ones, especially those caught between Majorca and Minorca.

Lobster is the basis for this delicious stew called Caldereta de Langosta which can be eaten in most of the seafood restaurants along the coast. It is similar to a French fish stew called Bouillabaisse.

Any spot along the Balearic coast can be recommended, although there is one place which stands out above the rest. This is Cala Fornells, in the north of Minorca. Here in this small, charming fishing village, they prepare the lobster stew which is most famous among the “gourmets”, one of them, King Juan Carlos. For the Spanish King Caldereta de Langosta is his favourite dish. In fact, on more than one occasion during his holiday visits to the Islands, he takes the opportunity of enjoying this delicacy in one of the few but special restaurants in the bay. Almost all of them have a terrace overlooking the sea and fantastic views.

There are few things which can beat a tasty evening meal in such a romantic spot, making one want to stay there forever. Fornells provides both things. Its lobster stew is supreme and its scenery idyllic.