Island and Museum of El Llatzeret

Minorca’s history is marked by the different phases of foreign rule, making it the most complex of all the Balearic archipelago – the habour of Maó is a faithful reflection of this past. Here we can find the remains of San Felipe Castle, La Mola Fort and the former hospital of El Llatzeret, which all bear witness to another time period.

A large part of the stones originating from what had once been San Felipe Castle were used to build the wall which surrounds El Llatzeret, a former hospital for cholera patients on the island of Llatzeret. Today it is run by the Ministry of Health and houses a curious museum of medicine which, among other things, exhibits the first electrocardiogram machine used in Europe as well as a replica of the boat which Isabel II used on her visit to Minorca to inaugurate La Mola Fort in 1852.

To get to the island of Llatzeret, you have to take a small boat which leaves from the harbour of Maó.